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Hammered Copper for kitchen, bathroom and dining room

custom hammered copper hoods

copper hoods

hammered copper hoods for kitchen gas stoves

Shop quality hammered copper range hoods available online. Buy any hood design and in custom dimensions to satisfy your kitchen requirements. Rivets, straps, mix different patina colors and change are welcome. Also, myCustomCopper can fabricate a hood from your own design so the end result is a truly unique custom copper hood designed just for you. Order your copper hood online and save on free delivery.

custom copper kitchen sinks

copper kitchen sinks
bar sinks

hammered copper kitchen sinks

Caring for your kitchen sink is easy. For basic cleaning use sponge, soap and warm water. myCustomMade kitchen sinks consist of apron and drop-in version. Any drop-in style can be used as undermount as well. Select from a wide range of hammered sink aprons or order it according to your specifications. Any custom kitchen sink and hammered copper range hood can be made matching each other.

hammered hammered copper bathtubs custom copper tubs

hammered copper bathtubs

Add instant class with a hammered copper bathtub in its freestanding or slipper version. Our hammered bathtub selection comes from Santa Clara del Cobre located central Mexico. By adding rich, deep patina tones to your bathroom, you will most definitely add value to your home. The tub styles include hacienda, spanish and country type. They are hammered in standard or custom dimensions.
copper bathroom sinks undermount sinks
vessel sinks
nickel-plated sinks
hammered copper sinks for bathroom

View our collection of hammered undermount, drop-in and vessel copper bathroom sinks from Mexico. You can change online its color and size. Rustica House counters are good mid priced alternative to stone. A bathroom copper sink is a great compliment to any traditional rustic and modern living place.

custom copper table-tops copper table-tops
dining copper tables

hammered copper tables

Are you shopping for a copper table with iron stand for your dining room? Consider one of our models belonging to myrustica selection of round, square, rectangular and oval table-tops. Mexican copper table is unique and beautiful. myCustomCopper tabletop can be finished with honey, antique, natural fired or coffee patina. For new custom hammered copper for bathroom and kitchen fixtures visit our blog regularly.
custom copper mirrors custom copper mirrors
hammered copper mirror frames

A hammered copper mirror is going to contribute rustic component to your house foyer or bathroom. Often, copper mirrors are used for living room as well. myCustomMade mirror frames feature smooth and hammered surface frames. We produce in Mexico all shapes and sizes including rectangular, square, oval and round. Custom made irregular shape frames are welcome.

How to clean Hammered Copper?

  • To protect the finishing on custom hammered copper products do not use stronger cleaners.
  • Neither acidic or alcohol based liquids should be used.
  • No Steel wool nor metal brushes as those products will damage the surfaces.
  • Clean hammered copper with warm soapy water and scrub with a nylon brushes.
  • Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth.
  • Copper products can be used for all normal household tasks.
  • It is important to remember to avoid long surface exposure to tomato sauce and citrus fruits.
  • If they remain for a longer time in contact with copper, it may discolor.
  • Should it happens, it will start to darken back by itself during naturally occurring oxidation.

Hammered Copper FAQ

Q: I have limited space between my kitchen cabinets. I need to buy a hammered copper hood with custom dimensions.
A: Most of our hammered copper hoods are made to order. The price depends on the hood dimensions.

Q: All kitchen range hoods, bathroom sinks, dining tables and bathtus on, and specified as hammered copper. Can I order them with smooth surface?
A: Yes, the buyer has a chooice of choosing the finishing. There is no extra cost for either option.

Q: I want to buy hammered copper table-top covered with nickel.
A: Under myrustica brand we offer nickel-platted tabletops or as the more practical option mycustommade hammered zink table tops. Both look very similar, however the last type has more industrial look than copper.

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